Build leadership skills

This is how you make investors take you seriously

Small businesses need capital to grow – yet many times their ability to attract and raise capital is dependent on their investment readiness.

Start to sing your song

Start to sing your song “The most successful leaders silence their inner critic and are…

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Wadhwani Takeoff An all-expense paid Silicon Valley trip for Wadhwani IGNITE program participants Provider: Wadhwani…

Black women dealing with anxiety by meditating in an outdoor environment.
How do you feel?

How do you feel? Our emotions and tensions affect everyone in our field of influence – so how would you like those around…

A tired black man at work
Short Course – What to do if you are Retrenched

What to Do if You Are Retrenched A course to empower you to cope with…

Black business women talking in the hallway while working during a course.
Short course – Understanding the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle A short course focused on the entrepreneurial lifecycle and where you…

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