Entrepreneurial Motivation

Because we love what we do!

I’ve been thinking this week about motivation and productivity – both my own and that of the people around me. Looking for ways to hit this year with enthusiasm and commitment so that we can achieve all we set out to do.

How small choices can unlock great success

Let’s face it, success is a choice and the reality is that it’s much harder to be successful than it is to be average. Success takes effort and commitment. It often requires us to push through pain, frustration and challenges to get there, yet sometimes even when we think we are doing this, and without even knowing why, we get lost along the way.

Buckle up for the ride!

Let’s get the great adventure started! Last year is history – its lessons have been learnt, its successes have been banked and the knocks and bruises left behind us in the Book of Experience.

CWG Africa
Building a future for Africa 

I’m writing this as I wait at Kigali Airport for my flight home from the World Circular Economy Forum conference in Rwanda.

Calling all winners

What makes entrepreneurs (and winners of all kinds) different is this thing we call ‘resilience’.

Pause, Breathe, Recalibrate 

In this crazy busy time of year, it’s hard to fit everything into the daily diary and the thought of ‘taking a moment’ to begin casting one’s eye forward into the new year feels almost impossible.

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