Short Course

Black entrepreneur sitting on her laptop doing a Bizly Fetola Social Media course to build her brand awareness.
Short course Introduction to social media

Introduction to social media A short course for entrepreneurs wanting to leverage social media to…

Business people meeting to plan out anb analysis graph for the company finance strategy.
Short course – How to use Technology to Manage & Grow your Business

How to Use Technology to Manage & Grow Your Business This short course provides an…

A tired black man at work
Short Course – What to do if you are Retrenched

What to Do if You Are Retrenched A course to empower you to cope with…

Black business women talking in the hallway while working during a course.
Short course – Understanding the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle A short course focused on the entrepreneurial lifecycle and where you…

Female customer pointing to a till while the business owner helps with telling up the items that the lady bought.
Short course – How to Deal with Setbacks as an Entrepreneur

How to Deal with Setbacks as an Entrepreneur This course will help empower you with…

Black man doing an easy-to-do 14 day course with daily challenges on his laptop, designed to help him shape and grow his new business.
Short Course – The 14 day startup challenge

The 14-Day Startup Challenge A easy-to-do 14 day course with daily challenges, designed to help…

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