“Don’t overthink it, the important thing is to just start”

“I was uncomfortable with the fact that because I had graduated and I was working, suddenly people I grew up with, who were my friends, wanted to refer to me at ‘grootman’ and them constantly asking for money.”

Online marketing
Invest in online visibility to grow your business

The pandemic has enormously accelerated the necessity for an online presence for every entrepreneur, as the world accommodates to a hybrid way of living, working, and shopping.

Catherine Wijnberg
How to Lead with Courage & Compassion

Leadership is a balancing act of both sides of the compassion and courage coin.

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Community Event: Intellectual Property and your business

Community Event: Intellectual Property and your business Join us for the Intellectual Property information session…

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Wadhwani Takeoff An all-expense paid Silicon Valley trip for Wadhwani IGNITE program participants Provider: Wadhwani…

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Circular economy scorecard

Circular economy business scorecard A self assessment tool designed to help business owners review and…

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