Build leadership skills

Some People Have All the Luck

Change your attitude and look for success. “Luck” is more about having the positive, optimistic outlook.

Learn To Say No

This two-letter word is valuable in any business strategy. We teach you how to say no with a smile.

Loving what you do

If you do something crazy like start your own business, the worst thing that can happen is you go broke – then you just start again!

Chess board strategy with the horse knocking over the king
Strategic Planning – Get it Done!

Turn your SME’s strategic plans into reality. Five principles every SME should follow to effectively execute their vision and strategy.

What to consider when you relocate for a new job

Have you been offered a job in a new city? Do your homework before you make the big move.

Caring – You can’t really fake it

You cannot generate loyalty with falsity. How giving more means you get more from the people around you.

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