Wadhwani Takeoff

An all-expense paid Silicon Valley trip for Wadhwani IGNITE program participants

Looking for: This opportunity is for you if you are an entrepreneur working on an idea, product, or service that you want to develop and take to market, or an early-stage start-up. 

Overview: The Wadhwani Foundation (a global entrepreneurship skills development NPO) has opened applications for all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs (individuals and partnership teams of up to 3 members maximum) to apply to our 1st Africa IGNITE Entrepreneurship Development Program for 2022! All that is required is your PASSION, COMMITMENT, and the DESIRE TO BE SUCCESSFUL, and If you and/or your team believe you have what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs, we will offer a full scholarship to the selected participants. This is a 14-week program that will require you to attend 2 x 1-hour online afternoon, or evening Zoom sessions a week (1 class and 1 coaching session), attend 1 x masterclass session a week, as well as spend another 3 – 4 hours a week working flexi time on your business. You will also be working with local and global mentors on a fixed schedule for the duration of the program. For more information email me at charles.bolton@wfglobal.org

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