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Bizly by Fetola is a business information hub

We have a wealth of information: articles, interviews and insights that will help you turn your business dreams into reality.

We’re here to help entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, whether you are a nine-to-fiver with a dream of owning your own business or a business looking to scale.

The Fetola family

We’re part of the Fetola family. We’re a social enterprise with a commercial focus. For over a decade our parent company, Fetola, has been delivering outstanding services to entrepreneurs that really help businesses grow!

SMEs Fetola have helped over the years

  • Grow consistently by an average of 41.8% annually 
  • Experience 30% growth in job numbers while national employment declines 
  • Boast a long-term business survival rate of 87.4% – almost nine times the national average 

Our amazing team has lots of passion and a proven track record of supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders.   

Our team of Fetola staff members.

Our vision is simple - To help more businesses succeed

We are entrepreneurs with years of experience

In 2017, our CEO Catherine Wijnberg realised that despite R32 billion per year being spent on small business incubator and accelerator programmes, businesses were not growing, nor were they creating jobs on a significant scale in South Africa.  

 We found that businesses needed practical, relevant and personalised support to grow. The challenge was how to provide this support at scale.  

So, the team set out to solve this challenge. 

Our purpose is to create social and economic change in South Africa

The only way to do this is through helping to grow sustainable, long-lasting small businesses. Global statistics prove that small businesses are the most significant creator of jobs. It is here that self-empowered futures are created. 

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the South African government’s National Development Plan, we aim to help eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.

This requires the creation of up to 11 million jobs in South Africa alone.  


To achieve this purpose, our platform aims to be


We believe authenticity is the key to being a successful business leader; we help you build your confidence and vision to unleash the authentic leader in you 


For us, innovation means embracing tech to go faster and further. We help you unlock innovation in your business through easy access to the best tools in the market 


Small businesses can’t thrive without an interconnected ecosystem of partners. We partner with individuals and businesses globally to help you build your ecosystem. 

Always Growth

Our goal is to help you grow your business and, more importantly, help you grow as an individual. We want to challenge you, help you learn from your mistakes and build your mental resilience to be an exceptional leader.

Building for future generations

When you build a business that lasts you build a legacy that serves future generations. For us, a legacy worth striving for is planetary, social and economic change for the better, forever.

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What makes us unique

We’re building a platform to provide impactful and innovative resources that meet the growing needs of business leaders and entrepreneurs at scale.

Let us know which features are most important to you by voting for them below.


One company can’t solve every business need. We are building an ecosystem of collaborations, partners and providers across industries with the goal to help build businesses


Our aim is to offer the best, personalised support: from an AI-driven personalisation engine, to user-ratingsinsights and user demand to drive new features. 

Future Features

  • News and industry insights 
  • e-learning 
  • business advice
  • communities 
  • partner ecosystem

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