Financial management

Five financial errors made by entrepreneurs

Five financial errors made by entrepreneurs Many small business owners stumble when trying to make…

This is how you make investors take you seriously

Small businesses need capital to grow – yet many times their ability to attract and raise capital is dependent on their investment readiness.

Financial Statement, Account Management
Improving financial statement and management accounts

Using reports and applying analytics to financial information, (if done correctly and applied specifically) can elevate the insight established beyond the administrative process and performance.

Black women giving a client a refund at the till.
Reducing the refunds headache this Black Friday

The way that we shop has changed. Nowadays, consumers are quick to turn to their cellphones to grab the latest deals.

White lady standing in a court yard surrounded by buildings firing money into the air.
Is the Fear of Money Keeping You Stuck?

Tackling scarcity mindset among youth entrepreneurs.

Glass filled with coins with a plant inside which symbolizes lower costs
Lower business costs and increase profit

Here are some great tips on reducing business expenses and getting the most out of what you pay for.

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