Success stories

Mobile butchery addressing meat shortage in rural areas 

The shortage of meat products is a reality for many communities in rural areas because money is tight, and shops are far. To ensure that these communities have access to quality and affordable meat, a Northern Cape entrepreneur started a mobile butchery.

Entrepreneurial venture for hearing and swallowing disorders 

There are business opportunities for healthcare minded entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping people with health issues and disorders.

Edupreneurs are making education accessible

Edupreneurs are making education accessible

Businesses have solutions to societal challenges 

Challenges faced by society inspired two entrepreneurs to start businesses to implement solutions.

Entrepreneur introduces digital learning innovations

Mobile phones and tablets are often seen as a distraction to education, but the pandemic forced society to relook at the need to digitalise learning.

Waste Management
Entrepreneurs are making money from waste 

The waste management sector is creating jobs, contributing towards economic growth, and ensuring communities reside in clean environments.

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