Keeper of the Kumm: Ancestral Longing and Belonging of a Boesmankind

Sylvia Vollenhoven tackles identity and confusion over one’s place in society in an unapologetic way. This book is full of history, culture, and insight.

Brenè Brown: Rising Strong

Brenè Brown tackles uncomfortable issues in this book: it will help you grow and move into the future.

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

Simon SInek’s book will challenge what you believe about business and leadership.

The moment of lift by Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates shares the stories of inspiring women, unsung heroes who will never be famous or acknowledged as pioneers, but whose social impact will be felt by generations to come. These are the women she wants to lift.

Together by Vivek Murthy

Feeling lonely in lockdown? You are not the only one. Author Vivek Murthy lifts the lid on a taboo topic and show us how to make meaningful connections in a disconnected world.

What’s on our bookshelf this Christmas

If you are looking for stocking fillers or just want to get stuck into a good book, here are a few recommendations from our readers.

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