Baking business creating jobs and feeding disadvantaged community

Founded in 2019, Beauty Gateau has quickly become an acclaimed bakery in Middelburg.

By Yolanda Wessels

Meet Bonginkosi Masango, founder and owner of Beauty Gateau in Middleburg, Mpumalanga. Her business bakes and sells delectable baked treats while creating employment and positively contributing towards food security.


Her business is a beacon of light in her community because she is proving to other emerging female-owned businesses that it’s possible to run a successful enterprise.


Bonginkosi’s journey into the world of baking was gradual yet purposeful. Before she started her business, she worked at Eskom for 10 years. While working full-time, Bonginkosi would dedicate her spare time to baking cakes for close friends and family, leaving a trail of tingling taste buds in her wake. It was this undeniable passion that ultimately motivated her to take a leap of faith.


Turning a side hustle into a business


“I decided to quit my job and pursue baking as a full-time business. I registered for my first baking course with the South African School of Weddings, and that’s when I knew baking was my true calling,” she said.


Her dedication inspired her to further her skills by enrolling for a pastry course at Capsicum Culinary Studios, which laid the foundation for where she is today. Founded in 2019, Beauty Gateau has quickly become an acclaimed bakery in Middelburg.


“What makes us stand out is that we give our customers value for their money. Clients can fully customise their cakes, from flavours to any design they desire,” she explained.



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The cherry on the top is that her business goes beyond just making money from its delicious offerings. Bonginkosi is dedicated to giving back to her community in meaningful ways.


“We make it a point to give away cake offshoots to the disadvantaged every Saturday afternoon. Additionally, during school holidays, we provide baking lessons to young kids, inspiring them to follow their passions with determination,” Bonginkosi explained.


Through sheer hard work and determination, Bonginkosi has successfully created jobs in her community – a testament to her commitment to job creation and poverty alleviation.


“Our long-term goal is to branch out and have a factory shop, which will create even more job opportunities for those in need.


When asked what drives her to persevere, Bonginkosi responded with passion, “I want to be an inspiration to other women in my community, and I want to build wealth and leave a legacy for my family.”


This article was first published in South African Good News 

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Bonginkosi Masango is a participant on the SAB Foundation’s Tholoana Enterprise Programme, an 18-month business accelerator powered by Fetola which supports the lasting success of businesses from across South Africa, particularly those owned by women, youth and people living with disabilities, and those in township and rural areas.

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