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Digital transformation is about people and the future of work

Businesses need to ensure that the human element is included in the move to digital technologies and automations.

Top view of business colleagues around a table doing work. In the center of the table is a chess board that one person is playing.
5 Lessons Learnt By NOT Doing Due Diligence

Tips every entrepreneur needs to hear.

Three small business owners sitting discussing the 5 hr tips for their businesses.
Put Your Small Business on the Right Track With These 5 HR Tips

HR tips for small businesses to reduce uncertainties for new employees.

Illustration of a man and a women discussing hiring attitude not skill while looking at three different people as options.
6 Reasons Why You Should Hire for Attitude and Not Skill

Why hiring for the right attitude is the correct choice.

Youth entrepreneurship member
Youth Entrepreneurship at its Best

The positive impact of the Tholoana Programme on youth businesses.

Head baker and leader of a bakery stands with arms folded with smile on face.
7 ways businesses can respond to the coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused unimaginable havoc all over the world. Help is at hand: here are steps business owners can take to shield themselves from long-term economic damage and come back stronger.

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