Circular economy business scorecard

A self assessment tool designed to help business owners review and benchmark how circular their business is.

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Who is this scorecard for? Business owners looking to benchmark their business in circularly, or are just getting going on their circular economy journey. 

Overview: This self-assessment tool designed to help you review and benchmark how circular your business is. Use this easy tool will help you identify your circularity strengths and flag any areas for improvement. Upon completing the scorecard, a personalized & confidential report outlining where you can make changes to adjust your level of circularity will be shared with you.

Successful circular models work for profit and for planet. And we like that, a lot!

What is the circular economy? Circular economy (or Circularity as it’s also called) is a model for production and consumption that aims to minimize our impact on the planet. It incorporates three core principles, which are to:

1. Design out waste (and eliminate pollution)

2. Keep products and materials in use (a continues cycle without an end)

3. Regenerate national system (and stop or minimise use of primary resource)

This differs from the traditional or ‘linear” model which follows a Take -> Make -> Waste pattern, with items ending up in landfills. 


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  • Wanted to participate in the circular economy scoreboard but there seems to be a problem as i answered the question but the system says i haven’t

    • Hello Bongani. So sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. One of our team members will be in touch to assist you.

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