Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg holding her book "Sheep Will Never Rule The World" which is about business tips and how to live your life to the full.
A book to help you find your groove

Catherine Wijnberg’s book on entrepreneurship and business growth will teach about business and how to live your life to the fullest.

Group of entrepreneurs in a business course.
Post pandemic lessons to take into 2023

Here are five things that business mentor Anton Ressel has learnt from 2020 and how organisations can thrive in 2021.

A hand holding a mug with the words "The Adventure Begins" written on the front.
Entrepreneurship is the adventure of a lifetime. Fuel up, strap in and let’s ride!

Knowing where to go is all part of the adventure of business leadership and perhaps the essence of life too!

A speech bubble with the words 1, 2, 3... let's go! inside.
How to accelerate in business. Without the speed wobble

Catherine Wijnberg talks about taking your business to the next level and some of the strategies that may help you get there.

Three books business owners should read and read again

Fetola’s experienced business mentors recommend books to help entrepreneurs improve.

When life’s like that, it’s okay not to be okay

Let’s acknowledge that business isn’t always fun and leadership isn’t always easy.

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