Black women in the emerging black-owned supplier chain wearing a hard hat with note pad in her hands.
Beyond the Scorecard – What’s Holding SA Back?

Bridging the gap between SMEs and corporates to create impact and build the economy.

Earth in the shape of a heart with stethoscope around the earth under this is a book with the title "Paris Agreement". A soldier, tank and American flag in the background.
Do the maths, Potus — Germany is paying for the defence of the planet

POTUS’s meltdown at 2018 Nato summit reveals what matters most to him.

Rieldans: A significant part of South African heritage

The origin of Rieldans and how this particular type of dance can make you feel proudly South African.

Staring down the barrel of a gun

Fetola mentor, Kevan Wright, talks about his struggle with pancreatic cancer and what this journey taught him about business and life.

Man reading a newspaper with the words "Fake News" written on the front page in red.
When facts fail, tell a good story

Those of us with a passion for sustainability have to change our story. We have to paint a picture that has a happy ending and includes a role for a hero.

The future is here. It’s time to jump in!

Times have changed and there is no going back, so the quicker so we grasp this nettle and leap into the future the better. Now more than ever is the Nike tagline relevant – Just do it!

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