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Catherine Wijnberg's book on entrepreneurship and business growth will teach about business and how to live your life to the fullest.

Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg holding her book "Sheep Will Never Rule The World" which is about business tips and how to live your life to the full.
By Terrena Rathanlall

You are what you eat. If you take that a step further, you are what you consume with your eyes and ears as well.

I have been fed a diet of Catherine’s Weekly Greetings for the past two years. And the results are astounding. Just ask those around me. I went from a shy introvert to someone who is very comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to share her opinion. But I am not the only one who has benefitted.

Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg started her weekly greetings as a pick-me-up for the entrepreneurs on her business development programmes a few years ago, because she knew if you empower the entrepreneur, you give them the drive to grow their business.

Last year, those greetings were collated into a book, Sheep Will Never Rule The World, to help entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial mindset to see the opportunities in every crisis and create new pathways to success.

One has to be slightly mad to own and run your own business,” Catherine says, “but it’s an exciting, challenging and growing experience. I would like this book to provide inspiration in those moments when it all feels too much.

I wish I had read this book when I was running my businesses. It is very easy to stare failure in the face and believe that you are the problem instead of changing your mindset, digging deep and trying again. That is what this book has inspired me to do.

But even more than that, it has motivated me to be authentic, to be unapologetic and accept all my quirks and inadequacies. Decades of false beliefs have fallen away and this has freed me to realise my worth and raise my expectations for a brighter future. I guess you have to experience it personally.

And now you can. If you want to start your year on the right note, learn business tips and how to live your life to the full, get your copy of Sheep Will Never Rule The World.

You can also sign up for Catherine’s Weekly Greetings for your weekly dose of inspiration to help you reach your full potential here. You will be so glad you did.

Front and back of the book "Sheep Will Never Rule The World"

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Terrena Rathanlall is a media officer at Fetola.

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