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Building a future for Africa 

I’m writing this as I wait at Kigali Airport for my flight home from the World Circular Economy Forum conference in Rwanda.

Calling all winners

What makes entrepreneurs (and winners of all kinds) different is this thing we call ‘resilience’.

A man with sticky notes over his eyes
Pause, Breathe, Recalibrate 

In this crazy busy time of year, it’s hard to fit everything into the daily diary and the thought of ‘taking a moment’ to begin casting one’s eye forward into the new year feels almost impossible.

Catherine Wijnberg
The struggle is real but abundance is possible

The struggle is real but abundance is possible “Everyone has abundance in them. Once you…

Catherine Wijnberg
The attitude of appreciation

I spoke to my elderly aunt this weekend. She is 92 years old and living in an old age home near Durban. She remains one of my heroes as despite increasingly frailty and the indignities that come with age, she is always one to find gratitude in her circumstances.

It’s time to rest your brain!

Covid has done something to our expectation for work. Back in the old days we used to have natural breaks in the working day.

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