Building a future for Africa

“Changing the way we think about waste builds a future that is good for us all.”

CWG Africa
By Catherine Wijnberg

I’m writing this as I wait at Kigali Airport for my flight home from the World Circular Economy Forum conference in Rwanda.  


How exciting it has been to be in a room with the brightest, most passionate minds all keen to find climate-friendly solutions that are profitable, people friendly and good for the planet 


So great to get out of my daily environment to listen, to learn and to engage with others.  


These international networks will help to build an African future that is good for Africa. Agriculture, construction, clothing, services, energy – these sectors are all crying out for a more circular and less wasteful approach.  


So, this week as we go about our day let’s change the way we think about waste. How could we reduce waste or even stop producing waste altogether? How could we improve business profitability by designing out wasteful use of raw materials, water, electricity, fuel, labour? How can we reuse or repair what we have or extend the lifespan of our products? 


Together – citizens, business, governments – we can build a better future that is good for us all and good for Africa.  

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About the Author

Catherine Wijnberg is the CEO of Fetola and author of Sheep Will Never Rule The World.

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