Calling all winners

“Resilience is the power that makes you a winner”

By Catherine Wijnberg

What makes entrepreneurs (and winners of all kinds) different is this thing we call ‘resilience’. Resilience is an inner desire to succeed no matter what, no matter how hard the road is and no matter the challenges and obstacles in the way. 


How do you know you are a winner? 


1. You think differently from those around you. While they are moaning and blaming others for their hardship, you are excited about the opportunities that you see being presented


2. You enjoy a challenge. You are someone that likes to push yourself – to learn new things, to run marathons, to overcome…


3. You are creative. You enjoy finding new ways to do things, new ways to express yourself new solutions to problems. You like living outside the box. 


4. You believe in your mission and purpose. You have a strong sense of the end goal you are working to achieve – and believe you can do it! 


5. Your dreams match your skills. You have chosen to succeed in a field that matches your abilities – and you have the power to gather supporters around you to boost you on your way. 


Despite the media success stories we often read, no one gets to be a winner the easy way. Sure, they might make it look easy and yes there are times when the road does run smooth, but to get to the top of the mountain there are many stairs to climb and that takes effort, training and relentless determination.  


So, well done for choosing to be a winner. Let’s be sure to help each other along the way so there are lots of great people in the winners’ enclosure to celebrate and give thanks together. 

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About the Author

Catherine Wijnberg is the CEO of Fetola and author of Sheep Will Never Rule The World.

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