The Fetola Business Incubator Blueprint - all you need to know

A step-by-step guide to establish a successful business incubator in South Africa.

Illustration showing puzzle pieces that are joined in some places to represent the Fetola Business Incubator Blueprint.
By Yuvan Jugessur

The Fetola Business Incubator Blueprint is a definitive road map on how to establish a successful business incubator in South Africa.

The Blueprint helps new and established providers of Business Development Service (BDS), business skills training, and others offering small business support to be more effective, cost-efficient and successful.

In this document, Fetola shares best practice models and field-tested tools, templates and case studies that help demystify the “business of business development”.

A clear and logical series of sections covers areas such as candidate selection, workshop content, mentorship, budgets, access to finance, remote vs onsite support, managing stakeholders and funders, performance management, monitoring and evaluation and much more.

Additionally, an addendum that focuses on Supplier Development (SD) was created in 2018 to guide procurement managers wishing to optimise programmes that cater to the need to develop those in their procurement chain.

Fetola’s experts bring more than 20 years’ experi­ence in the enterprise and skills development space to the design of this purpose-built set of tools and templates which was created specifically for local conditions. The Blueprint is designed to increase success, save time and money, and help BDS providers to deliver the kind of results our country needs.

Download your copy of the Fetola Incubator Blueprint here.

Fetola services include

  • Supplier Development Strategy

  • Diagnostics and programme review

  • Capacity building of corporate teams

  • Accelerated development of small suppliers

  • Incubator management workshops and training for staff – includes executive & strategic support, senior management support and practical advice

  • Mentor training and mentor management training

  • Incubator management services

For information about supplier or enter­prise development, or to discuss developing your own Business Incubator Blueprint contact Fetola.

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