Thank you: two powerful words

"Thank you – two powerful words that can change your world."

Thank you
By Catherine Wijnberg

I was reminded on Friday how beautiful the words thank you can be.


That simple phrase gives recognition for an action or kindness shown. It says: “I have seen and appreciate what you have done.”


Yet so often in the workspace we forget to say thank you, or mistakenly think it’s not necessary to express thanks, or that it may even be a weakness to do so. The opposite is true – thank you are words that give power to the giver and receiver. These are words that multiply the blessings bestowed.

So, this week I say thank you – to the readers and contributors of this weekly blog. I say thank you to the entrepreneurs who inspire me with the courage to start and grow their business and who stay focused on their journey to success.

I say thank you to our Fetola staff members, mentors, trainers, clients and partners for their contribution of energy, skill and enthusiasm as we work together to forge a difference in the country.


I see you and appreciate you – and give thanks to those who see me and appreciate me with the simple, life-changing words – Thank You!

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About the Author

Catherine Wijnberg is the CEO of Fetola and author of Sheep Will Never Rule The World.

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