Make fear your friend

Fear is your friend. When you learn to recognise it and greet it by name it you can tame it and walk alongside it 

By Catherine Wijnberg

I have always thought of fear as a bad thing and often have felt frustrated that fear was holding me back but last night, in a group session on the art of intuition I came to a different realisation. 

If I can see fear is my friend it can provide me with the guardrails to a healthy life, warning me when I am about to go off track.  

By acknowledging the fear or anxiety and stopping to reflect on it, it’s possible to identify where it comes from and what actions to take avoid danger (real or imagined).  

This action of pausing to unravel the feelings of fear gives us the power to use it for good, rather than becoming overwhelmed and disempowered by it. Fear becomes a compass not an angry bear chasing us down the road. 

In my case, this might be a recognition that I am feeling rising anxiety as the weekend comes to an end. A sense of rising doom, that an unnamed tidal wave is about to crash down on me. I can name it as a sense of being overwhelmed and worry that I have too much to do.

I can face it by writing a ‘distraction list’ of all the things that are worrying me and identify which of these is the real source of concern. Lastly, I can do what needs to be done, or realise the fear was unjustified, and everything is actually under control. 

These four simple actions can tame our fears:  

  • Recognise that you are fearful or anxious 
  • Name it. Work out if there is more than one fear rolled into a general anxiety 
  • Face it. Decide what actions you need to take to fix it 
  • Do it. Take the action needed.  

Email me and let me know how you made fear your friend. 

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About the Author

Catherine Wijnberg is the CEO of Fetola and author of Sheep Will Never Rule The World.

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