Change. Joy. Growth. Bring it on!

The coronavirus has altered the way we live, work and play - to foster our confidence, overcome challenges, we need to celebrate change and embrace positivity.

Women clapping in a mentoring conference centre
By Catherine Wijnberg

January 2021 is over and thank goodness for that! Now we can all stop feeling grumpy about our COVID Christmas, lose the moaning about the lack of a proper holiday and leap with joy into the year ahead.

I am conscious that being upbeat and positive can be offensive to someone who is having a bad time of things. But my years in business growth have taught me that a positive attitude is fundamental for success.

As entrepreneurs, we love to find ways to foster our confidence, overcome challenges and seek better ways to make our dreams (and those of our clients) come true.

To achieve this consistently over a lifetime, we need regular mindset “tune-ups”, an annual check of the strategy, and drip feeds of ongoing inspiration from those who have done it before us.

This month, we are celebrating Change because it is going to be the norm this year; the coronavirus has altered the way we live, work and play. Business, too, is a constantly changing field and business success is about embracing new ways of working. At Fetola, we believe this so strongly that even our name means “Change”.

In this edition, you will find tips from a business mentor on adapting to the changes in 2021, what to do before you start a business, and a book that will help you find your groove and live your best life this year. You can also learn a simple way to break a bad habit and how one entrepreneur is changing lives by giving people access to clean water.

If you are looking for inspiration, advice and want to dive into the excitement of 2021, then this edition is for you. We hope it will, um, change you. Enjoy!

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