Build leadership skills

Women clapping in a mentoring conference centre
Change. Joy. Growth. Bring it on!

The coronavirus has altered the way we live, work and play – to foster our confidence, overcome challenges, we need to celebrate change and embrace positivity.

Three pleasant sales assistance welcoming customers.
Start a business: A recipe for success. Or not

Unlike baking a cake, there is no single recipe or formula for business success.

Vegan women holding Yococo is a dairy-free, artisanal ice cream tubes over her eyes.
Scoops of (vegan) love from Yococo

Sometimes building a business tastes pretty sweet – advice from an entrepreneur on growing yourself and your business.

A simple way to break a bad habit

In his TedTalk, Judson Brewer talks about breaking bad habits through mindfulness. Here are some key takeouts you may find useful.

A hand holding a mug with the words "The Adventure Begins" written on the front.
Entrepreneurship is the adventure of a lifetime. Fuel up, strap in and let’s ride!

Knowing where to go is all part of the adventure of business leadership and perhaps the essence of life too!

Getting Things Done by David Allen

If you hate to-do lists but still want to be productive, David Allen’s book ‘Getting Things Done’ might be the one for you.

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