Join the entrepreneurs who are building a climate-friendly world

Be part of a dynamic ecosystem of innovators on Fetola's Circular Economy Accelerator

Two entrepreneurs who are building a climate-friendly world.

Fetola are passionate about building profitable green businesses that are good for the world.

That’s why we are so delighted to share with you our Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA), that supports the growth of sustainability-focused small businesses right across South Africa. Applications open on 12 January 2022 and you can apply here.

We know that sustainability and the green economy is more than a fad – it is the new business imperative. It’s the most important shift in business this decade. The question is how can we help you to grow a business that lives this reality?

The Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) suits entrepreneurs in rural, townships, and peri-urban centres who are building their business as a force for good. You will be part of a dynamic ecosystem of innovators and game-changers and gain the confidence, skills and support networks you need to succeed.

In this programme, you will

  • Understand the circular economy
  • Build a profitable business model
  • Increase your sales and attract new clients
  • Access new markets and attract finance
  • Overcome business challenges
What is it and why should I care?

Fetola’s 18-month Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) is different. It maximises the success of your business. It’s professional, it’s personal and its practical. It’s engaging and interactive. Mentors are experienced and skilled. The peer-network is national and diverse, delivering high value relationships and new partnerships.

Is it for me?

This is ideal for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and determined to improve their success rates. It’s for businesses in the circular economy or making a positive impact on the environment by designing out waste and pollution.

To be eligible, you need to be:
  • Eager to learn and ready to grow
  • Operational for more than 6 months
  • In the Circular Economy or sustainability sector and keen to add circularity to your model
  • Ideally you are a female-led, youth-led or black-owned businesses but all entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply
  • Ideally you are an entrepreneur located in a township or peri-urban area
  • With a positive sales revenue
  • Able to scale and create jobs

Sectors of special interest include:

  1. Circular economy
  2. Water, energy and waste
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Green technology
  5. Food production & packaging
  6. Carbon reduction
  7. Waste reduction
  8. Recycling
Here’s what you will gain:

Circular economy

Gain the technical skills and sector knowledge to succeed as a force for good

Profitable business model 

Simple planning tools to address gaps. Manage costs and eliminate waste. Process re-engineering

Increase your sales

Practical sales and marketing skills, brand building, social media and online marketing. Market introductions

Attract finance

Master Investment readiness and build financial confidence

Overcome business challenges

Access experienced mentors and leadership support

For more information, please contact Isabel du Toit at

Here are more resources on the circular economy:

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The Circular Economy Accelerator is kindly supported by J.P. Morgan and the Embassy of Finland.

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