Cleaning up South Africa and driving environmental change

This is a company rising as a pioneer in the circular economy, and it is one to keep your eye on.

By Miranda Andrew

In the bustling landscape of waste management, one company is making a remarkable difference in South Africa by cleaning up hazardous waste one scrap tyre at a time. Founded in 2019 by Jeremy Naude, Simplify Waste & Project Management based in Bloemfontein in the Free State, is transforming the industry with its alternative and innovative recycling solutions.  


This is a company rising as a pioneer in the circular economy, and it is one to keep your eye on. While their competitors rely on disposal methods, Simplify Waste has set a new standard for environmental stewardship and sustainable solutions. It is committed to the Zero Waste to Landfill policy introduced in South Africa in 2019, which is evident as they prioritise recycling and remediation methods for waste management. 


Operating on a national level as a call-out service, the business provides a comprehensive waste management solution that includes hazardous waste removal, asbestos handling, transport and disposal, general waste management, hazmat response services, and tyre recycling – among many other services.  


One of their main sources of revenue is tyre recycling. This comes as the mining industry grapples with the prohibition of tyre disposal at landfill sites due to stringent new regulations. These mounting stockpiles of tyres pose a huge fire risk, and this is where Simplify Waste stepped in and spearheaded the transportation of these tyres to Johannesburg.


There, through repurposing efforts, they helped find new life for these tyres as essential components for netball fields and indoor soccer fields, among other uses.  This process aligns with the company’s commitment to circular economy principles.  Their objective is clear: to create a green, eco-friendly business that prioritizes the health and safety of both the environment and individuals.  


“We are cleaning up South Africa of hazardous materials. We want to ensure that individuals and the environment are not harmed. Being a fully compliant company gives our clients peace of mind,” said Jeremy.



As with any entrepreneurial journey, challenges are inevitable. Jeremy highlighted legislative regulations as a significant hurdle they face, particularly when operating across sectors. However, through dedication, they have overcome these challenges and helped create employment. To date, the company has created 13 jobs, with the potential for another 37 in the near future.


One day, Jeremy hopes to establish a larger recycling plant in the Northern Cape to address the challenges faced by the mining sector. He also aims to one day become the preferred supplier in the Free State and Northern Cape region, where mining industries dominate. 


This is not an ordinary waste management company. It is a catalyst for change and an agent of progress in an industry that desperately needs innovation and sustainable practices. Jeremy, his wife, and the rest of the team have set a new standard for environmental responsibility and are paving the way for the greener South African future we all dream of.   


This article was first published in Green Economy

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Jeremy Naude is a participant on the SAB Foundation’s Tholoana Enterprise Programme, an 18-month business accelerator powered by Fetola which supports the lasting success of businesses from across South Africa, particularly those owned by women, youth and people living with disabilities, and those in township and rural areas.

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