Best project management tools for small businesses

You don’t have to rely on sticky notes or a handwritten to-do list to help you remember important tasks.

By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

Entrepreneurs who find themselves juggling multiple roles need the help of the right project management tools.  These time and cost-saving solutions will help you to delegate tasks, monitor progress, collaborate on projects, set reminders and communicate with clients. Here are five project management tools for your small business.


Monitor progress on a new business idea 

Trello is visual task project management tool that is perfect for entrepreneurs who are implementing a new business idea and want to track its progress. It can be used for small and big projects. Business owners enjoy using it because it has customisable boards that help you see what is happening. This tool is like a vision board because you can upload pictures, website links and comments while tracking progress. The biggest advantages are that you can work offline and it also streamlines communication so everyone can be updated in real time.  


Compile business reports 

Wrike helps entrepreneurs create comprehensive reports, analysis and overviews with just one click. The key feature of Wrike is that the report wizard tool allows you to create a report from scratch, edit and share it with just a few easy steps. You can also customise your workflow specifications to keep tabs on project timelines and approve work.  


Balance business and personal responsibilities 

Todoist is a project management tool that helps entrepreneurs schedule everything they have to do. Instead of storing your to-do list in your head, you can transfer it to the software tool and give your mind a break. Whether it’s your business meeting agenda, grocery list, product road map or your child’s soccer match, it can all be added on Todoist to get reminders. The key feature is that you can connect it to your emails, calendar and files.  


Cost-saving tool for busy entrepreneurs is perfect for small business owners who want to save money while working on multiple ventures using one project management tool. Time is money and moving from one project management tool to another takes up a lot of time. The advantages of using are that  

it allows you to add project management tools you already using into its platform. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Asana, Zoom Basecamp, Slack, emails and calendars onto this platform. Busy entrepreneurs also love this project management tool because you can get notifications on what your team is working on in real time. 


Small business owners working with a remote team 

ClickUp is for entrepreneurs who are collaborating with other businesses or experts. Business collaborations are important because they can make your business become more efficient, reputable, and profitable. With remote work becoming a norm, it’s usually hard for busy entrepreneurs to keep track of their collaborative tasks. ClickUp is great because you can edit documents, chat with team members in real time, add goals and get reminders. It streamlines communication ensuring that everyone knows what is happening no matter where they are.  


Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on sticky notes or a handwritten to-do list to help you remember. There are a multitude of project management tools that are easily accessible on a laptop or a smartphone. They will make your life easier. 

About the Author

Fundiswa Nkwanyana is a Media Officer at Fetola. 

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