Circular Economy Accelerator

Entrepreneurs in the Green Economy Sector are making the world a better place by creating a positive environmental and economic impact.

The Circular Economy is the biggest shift in business in the past decade and is mainstreaming business’s commitment to a cleaner economy – one that allows us to create jobs and build the economy without polluting the planet. 

That is why Fetola’s 18-month Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) is different. It maximises the success of your business. It’s professional, it’s personal and it’s practical. It’s engaging and interactive. Mentors are experienced and skilled. The peer network is national and diverse, delivering high value relationships and new partnerships. 

To be eligible, you need to be:

The Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) suits entrepreneurs in rural, townships, and peri-urban centres who are building their business as a force for good. You will be part of a dynamic ecosystem of innovators and game-changers and gain the confidence, skills and support networks you need to succeed. 

Circular Economy Toolset

Find out how circular your business is!

Find out how circular your business is with our free Circular Economy Scorecard 

Be Inspired!

Be inspired with these eco-friendly business model ideas 

Green Business Models

Learn Strategies!

Learn strategies to prevent plastic pollution 

Prevent Polution

Change the World!

Find out how to change the global food system and end food shortages 

Green Business Models
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Business Scorecard

Need help benchmarking your business? Try our free business scorecard and identify your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

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