Become a Vender at the Stellenbosch CoCreate Hub

The Hub is a unique space that nurtures the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in the community of Stellenbosch and surrounding local communities.

Looking for: Business owners interested in trading their exceptional locally produced goods and services in the centre of Stellenbosch, while uplifting and transforming the community around them

Overview: This For many years, the old clinic at 7 Victoria Street in the town of Stellenbosch nurtured the physical health of local communities. In 2021, the historical clinic will be transformed into an entrepreneurial development hub; a unique space that will open the doors to economic inclusivity in Stellenbosch – nurturing the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in our midst to the benefit of all our local communities.

This form is relevant to the following product / service types:

Baristas | Fresh & Packaged food | Baking & Confectionary | Fashion | Accessories | Barbers | Hair braiding | Nail beauticians | Arts & Craft | Tourism | Gifts | Professional services

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